The Age Of Innocence
Gott Ist Ein Käfer
Apocalypse Baby, We Advertise The End Of The World
Die Tinte Trocknet Nicht
Apocalypse Airlines 
Les Sauvages

Which Way To The West
P o s t  -  P r o d u k t i o n
Slow Down The Fall
Wedding At Heart (WT)
Geister (WT)
E n t w i c k l u n g
In den Fängen des Autoscooters (WT)
Everything is Nice (WT)


Kurzfilm, 19 min, 2021

Regie, Buch, Prod, Montage : Camille Tricaud & Franziska Unger

Mit : Julia Riedler, Wouter Wirth, Susanne Schneider, Teresa Schönherr, Georg Zinser, Maximilian Bungarten, Sianza Zink, Jaroun Santo, Christina Unger, Franziska Unger, Camille Tricaud
Kamera : Lilli Pongratz
Regieassistenz : Kristina Kilian
Kostüme : Linda Sakallah
Ton : Rabelle Erian, Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi
Musik : Balcony DC
Animation : Franziska Unger
Mischung : Nelly Böhm
Color Grading : Tobias Blickle
Auswertung : Benedetta Films

Synopsis : APOCALYPSE BABY is a teleshopping show that uses the fear of the climate crisis as a reason to instrumentalize the audience to consume more. A satire on consumption and the climate crisis, on global warming and individuality, on hedonism and bad conscience, on the contradictions within and all around us. A reflexion about the way we look away and an exposure of the cynicism of a capitalistic system.


Finalist of Student Academy Awards (Student Oscars) 2021
FEST New Directors Espinho I New Films Festival 2022 - Silver Lynx Experimental - Honorable Mention


FEST New Directors I New Films Festival 2022
32. FilmFestival Cottbus 2022
Seville European Film Festival 2022
German Premiere at 55. Hof International Film Festival 2021

New Baltic Cinema Competition 2021
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival PÖFF (international competition) 2021
Videodox-Förderpreis (Nominee) 2021